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Olympos Antique City

Antique city where you can go on foot in 15 minutes from Çıralı coast was founded in Hellenistic period by Lycians. The city which state under control of pirates for a while was protected by Roman commander Isouricus and turned into a port city in this period. Theatre, antique tomb, bridge, bath house, temple and acropol are the major ruins which are extant from antique city. We remind you not to forget to drink icy spring water which you will come across from place to place while you are wandering around the antique city.

Chimera (Yanartaş)

Chimaera which takes an hour from Çıralı on foot is a natural wonder which possibly you can’t come across in any other place in the world. These rocks which have been burning for millions of years by infiltrating from cracked places of earth crust are subjected to many mythologic legends. Chimaera monster which spew fire from its mouth was killed by Bellophontes who rode his horse called Pegasos with wings here. According to this legend the flame which appears from the rocks today is the flame which is spewed form monsters mouth. We recommend to you to see Chimaera, which is ambiguous in daytime, in the evening, don’t forget to take your water with you and see the magnificent sunset from there.


Phaselis is an antique port city which was established in 20 km away from Çıralı village by Rhodians in 693 B.C. The city which is full of pine trees city walls which were built against to pirate attacks, aqueducts, port street, entrance of the port, hadrian door and antique theatre are the places that you should see in the city.


Many restaurants in Ulupınar are waiting for you to eat your meal while you are watching the flowing of icy water under your feet under the shadow of Ulupınar sycamore trees. We recommend you not to leave Çıralı without eating especially fresh salmon at one of the private restaurants where every kind of meal services are offered.

East Lycia

Çıralı is an excellent station for walking on the most beautiful patches and wandering East Lycia. You can walk many far points through many patches which are beatified with nerium, sycamore, oak, date palm, ginkgo billoba and bitter orange trees by passing under cool shadow of sycamore trees and near spring water.

Gelidonya Lighthouse

It is reached by going from Karaöz village whose 7 km is an unimproved road in pine tree forest. There are 3-4 fountains on this road. Since it is not a too long road, if you want you can follow the patches which reach coves from right side and swim. Melanippe (Pirate Cove) is the last one of these coves. The road continues from here to Gelidonya Lighthouse turn by slightly increasing. Anyway, the sign which says “Gelidonya Lighthouse 2 km” will direct you. After this turn, there is a crooked and steep way. At the end of the road Gelidonya Lighthouse will welcome you.

It’s an excellent place for watching sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening.


In Mediteranean countries’ basin Tahtalı (2366 m) is the highest and the closest mountain to the coast. By the help of 4,5 km telpher line which was opened in 2007 the summit of the mountain come closer to the people except for mountainers. Thanks to it you can rest by lying on sunbath after reaching to great top which makes you feel as if you were swimming on the clouds following fifteen minutes trip. Moreover, if you want you can sit down to a meal with your loved ones at the restaurant of facility and make a toast onto Mediteranean Sea and have something with the view of the mountain, plain and sea. Anyway, you can find everything at the summit for romance.

How to go?

Turn right from the sign of telpher after you pass Çamyuva while you are going to Kaş direction from Antalya at 50th km. Entraining station which is at the end of the 7 km asphalt road in the forest is located 726 metres high from the sea level. The distance from the centre of Kemer to the sub-station is 15 km. It is reached by approximately 12 minutes of trip with 4350 metres line to the top station located in 2366 metres height. The cabins are for 80 people. There is a voyage to summit in every half hour from 08:00 to 19:00 in summer season between 1st April and 31st October. The last voyage from summit is at 19:00. In winter season the voyages are between 10:00 and 18:00.

Lycia Road

Lycia Road is a walking road which is made after signing and creating maps of some of the patches in Teke Peninsula named as Lycia in the history. The road goes from Fethiye to Antalya. Lycia Road whose studies were started in 1992 was opened to service in 1999 by Kate Clow.

It is shown as one of the best 10 long distance walking roads in the world by some references. The view of Gelidonya Lighthouse which is located on the track was selected as the most beautiful view of Turkey in 2007. Moreover, the first underwater excavation where the whole part of the ship was able to be taken out on the earth was done in American Cove which can be seen from this region.

In the accommodation units which are on the track accommodation opportunity is available. The whole of the track was signed and the maintenance is done by sponsorship institutions and volunteers.

Uzunyurt (Faralya) Village, Dodurga Village, Sdyma, Pınara - Letoon - Xanthos cities and an old port region with its tiny sand Patara are located in the first part of Lycia Road.

Antiphellos, Apollonia, Simena, Myra, Limyra, Rhodiapolis, Gagai, Melanippe, Gelidonia, Edrassa, Olympos, Chimaera and Phaselis are located in the second part.

Boat Tours

Boat tours are held for the people who want to explore new places in the mysteries coves of Mediteranean from Çıralı-Olympos coast. Sazak, Porto-Ceneviz, 3 islands, Adrasan coves are the major places which is worth to see.

For the people who want to turn the boat tours into romance and leisure making group reservation is enough in order to join moonlight tours which are held after 12 o’clock at night.

Leisure (Bar -Disco)

It is possible to find leisure centers which are suitable to all kinds of pleasure in Olympos which is 25 minutes walking distance to Çıralı from coast. Boot bar and cafes of Olympos which has an interesting construction with its wooden houses are satisfactory for young people and the people who feels young.

For the people who want to increase leisure alternatives Kemer is just 40 km distance with its chirping nightlife.

Except for them jeep safari, jogging tours in nature, cycling and camel tour are some of the alternatives in Çıralı.