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Welcome to Baris Pension!


This company which is located just 50 metres far from the sea and 100 metres far from the centre of Çıralı was built from nine ferro concrete rooms, four wooden rooms and 15 wooden bungalows inside berry, apricot, pomegranate, orange and more wide range of different trees in 4000 m2 field.

Moreover, restaurant, hammocks in a large garden, sunbaths and chalets were put into service for our guests.

ÇIRALI; the pearl of Antalya and the Mediterranean

Çıralı is a small and pretty village in the middle of Antique Lycia. Olympos antique city which is one of the most important cities of Antique Lycia is located on the right side of 3.2 km Çıralı beach. Chimaera (Yanartaş) which is the unblinking fire of Antique Lycia is located on the left side of coast on the cliff which is just behind the village. The fire continues to burn even today.

The meaning of Lycia is “The Country of Sun”. Chimaera is the unblinking fire of the Country of Sun. This region which hosted many civilizations in history is located where many mythologic heroic stories took place. With its historical texture, deep blue sea, undisturbed nature and organic agriculture which supports tourism Çıralı comes to the fore.